Shark Pack XL Battery - 48V/52V - 17.5Ah

Shark Pack XL Battery - 48V/52V - 17.5Ah


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The Shark Pack XL is a super-sized battery that packs some serious range.

Our 48V Shark Pack XL is packed to the gills with 65 individual Sanyo NCR18650GA cells, the highest quality lithium-ion battery cell currently on the market, and it's paired with a beefy BMS capable of 30A continuous discharge. If you buy our 52V Shark Pack XL, you'll be getting 70 of the venerable LG MJ1 cells stuffed in there!

A USB 2.0 port comes standard on the Shark Pack XL, and you'll also find a convenient On-Off switch built-in, which can useful when you're leaving your pack in storage or when you run accessories like headlights off of your main battery pack and don't want those accessories to slowly drain your battery when the bike is not in use.

This pack offers super-long range and is a great choice for riders who use lots of power (up to 2500W for brief peaks) and those who are heavy on the throttle. As this pack contains fully 25% more cells than the regular Shark Pack due to its 5P configuration, your individual battery cells will operate at lower temperature than a 13S4P Shark Pack, and as a result, on the Shark Pack XL, your battery cells will benefit from increased cycle life and will deteriorate more slowly.

We recommend using our 2A XLR charger, however, if you want to use a 3A, 4A or 5A fast charger, this pack is a great option, as its XLR charge port supports fast-charging at up to 8A.

Technical Specifications

48V Version:
  • Pack voltage (nominal): 48V
  • Peak voltage: 54.6V
  • 17.5Ah
  • 840Wh
  • Component cells: Sanyo 18650GA 3500mAh/10A * 65
  • 13S5P configuration offers 25% more cells than the original Shark Pack
52V Version:
  • Pack voltage (nominal): 52V
  • Peak voltage: 58.8V
  • 17.5Ah
  • 906 Wh
  • Component cells: LG MJ1 3500mAh/10A * 70
  • 14S5P configuration offers 25% more cells than the standard 52V Shark Pack