Shimano STePS EC-6000 Crank Arm Set - Replacement for Bafang BBS01, BBS02, BBSHD & BBS03


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The Shimano STePS FC-E6000 crank arm set is a factory replacement part for bikes equipped with the Shimano STePS E6000 mid-drive motor system, however, these crank arms are also the preferred replacement set for the Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBS03/BBSHD mid-drive motor systems. Original Bafang crank arms are made of weak cast aluminum and are prone to thread-stripping and loosening, and may cause damage to the square-tapered spindles and/or the bottom bracket. These Shimano STePS crank arms, when fastened down tightly, can solve any reliability issues you may have had with the very weak Bafang crank arms.

These crank arms come with high-torque crank arm bolts that require the use of a torque wrench in order to properly fasten/install the crank arms. 8mm hex/allex key crank arm bolts are not included, however, these crank arms are compatible with 8mm hex/allen bolts if you have them or buy them separately. The included high-torque crank arm bolts help to assure proper fastening, which can be difficult to attain with a short 8mm hex/allen key.

This set includes the right-side and left-side crank arms only and does not come with a STePS Drive Unit.

Color options are Black or Dark Grey.