Shimano B01S Resin Disc Brake Pads


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Two B01S pads, one pad spring, and one pin. Brand new, genuine Shimano parts. These do not come in the original plastic retail packaging because they're from a box of brand new Shimano brake pads purchased in bulk that was meant to be used by bike shops. They are packaged in a protective cardboard box so that they'll arrive in perfect condition.
Shimano Disc Brake pads ensure top braking performance and will ensure the safety of your Shimano brake system. Shimano have adopted ICE-TECHNOLOGIES into their disc brake pad range to provide the cooling technology required for consistent performance.
These pads have an "above average" stopping power rating.
Resin pads make less noise than metal pads and offer better modulation.
  • Flexible compound
  • Less noise
  • Focus on controllable performance
  • Designed for dry and wet conditions
Compatible with the following Shimano Models:
BR-C501 - BR-M485 - BR-M445 - BR-M395 - BR-TX805 - BR-M575 - BR-M475 - BR-M416 - BR-M375 - BR-M525 - BR-M465 - BR-M416A - BR-M355 - BR-M495 - BR-M447 - BR-M415 - BR-T675 - BR-M486 - BR-M446 - BR-M4050 - BR-T615
These pads come with one of two types of pins. If you look in the second product photo you can see both types. I believe that both types will work with all the above-listed Shimano disc brakes and so I generally make a choice at random, however, if you prefer one particular type of pin, you'll have to message me immediately after purchasing the item and let me know which pin type you'd prefer (specify "left" or "right" according to its positioning in the second product image).